What To Put Under Microwave? 6 Best Things To Put Under Microwave

Microwaves are hot conventional oven that uses infrared heat to cook food. While the microwave is in cooking mode it produces a wide range of heat from 300°F to 400°F. If you put your microwave directly on the countertop without any protection then the all heat can transfer to your kitchen cooking countertop.

What to put under microwave

If you have a wooden, quartz, or granite cooking countertop and you are using your hot appliances without put any protection under your microwave. This heat can be a reason for cracks, scratches and stains, and other fatal fire damage.

You have spent thousands of dollars to make your kitchen countertop beautiful but small negligence can damage the beauty of your countertop. So why shouldn’t use some protection under your microwave? In today’s articles, we will discuss what to put under microwave. So let’s find out the best solution to protect your countertop from microwave heat.

What to put under microwave?

You can put anything under your microwave but that should be heatproof, flat, and provide a stable surface. Your microwave can produce heat up to 300°F to 400°F. This heat can damage the wooden counter surface, and make a crack in quartz and granite countertops.

But using a silicone mat is a great solution to this problem. They are good heat insulators and provide a non-slip surface to your microwave. But you can also use a wooden cutting board, ceramic tiles, bamboo cutting board, tempered glass board, stove cover, etc.

Here are the 6 Best things to put under the microwave

Our team has shortlisted the 6 best things that you can put under your microwave to protect your kitchen countertop from the microwave heat. The things are readily available in the market at a cheap price.

#1. Silicone Counter Protector Mat

silicone mat for to put under microwave

A silicone mat is an excellent heat insulator. The heat resistivity of a silicone mat is more than 450°F. So you can easily put your microwave on it without thinking twice. The silicone mat absorbs the heat produced by your microwave and prevents it to reach the countertop surface.

If you have granite or quartz countertops then these silicone mats are the best quartz countertop protectors. The Gasare silicone mat is the best-selling mat in the market. The dimension of the mat is 25″ x 17″ and the thickness is 1.4mm. The dimension is compatible with any size of a microwave. The thickness also protects your countertop from any heat damage by the microwave.

The AECHY Extra Large Silicone Mat is also top-rated in the market. The dimension of the mat is 36”x24” and can cover a large area on your kitchen countertop. Another best advantage of using a silicone mat under a microwave.

That it sticks easily on the countertop surface and provides a non-slide surface for your microwave. Most of the time microwave slides while opening the door. But a silicone mat is an excellent solution to the sliding problem. You can put the mat under air fryer, toaster oven, stand mixer, etc.

Silicone mats are reusable for a long time. They are easily cleanable in soapy water after drying the mat you can again put them under your appliances. Silicone mats have high flexibility so you can easily roll them to store them anywhere in your kitchen.

Medically approved silicone mats can be also used for food preparation and vegetable cuttings.

#2. Wooden Cutting Board

wood cutting boards for microwave

A wooden cutting is also a great solution to put under the microwave. If you have an extra cutting board in your kitchen. Then you can use it under your microwave. They are made of high thick wooden blocks which protect your countertop from microwave heat. The wooden cutting boards can resist the heat of 500°F easily.

The wooden cutting boards also prevent sliding your microwave and make a stable surface for your appliances. The rectangular shape wooden cutting boards are best compatible with your microwave.

The Acacia Wooden Chopping Board is a very good-selling board. The thick side stops heat to reach your countertop. They are also easy to clean and reusable for a long time. So buying a wooden cutting board to put under the microwave is also the best solution.

#3. Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles also are great heat insulators. If you have ceramic tiles then you can put them under your microwave. The ceramic material can easily resist high heat and will protect your countertop from microwave heat.

The rectangular shape tiles are best compatible with any microwaves. You can also cut them into the required size for the best result.

But the surface will be slippery for your microwave. So you should be careful while using your microwave. There is always a chance of slipping down while opening and closing the microwave door.

The ceramic tiles are easily washable and reusable for a long time. So you can use them under your microwave for a long time.

#4. Tempered Glass Cutting Board

glass cutting board

You can also use a tempered glass cutting board under your microwave. They look very stylish, and clear, and will not damage your kitchen decor. The thickness of the glass board is more than 2mm which can obstruct the heat coming out of your microwave.

The tempted glass board is available in rectangular sizes and has a dimension of 16 inches x 20 inches large. Which will best be compatible with your microwave? The glass cutting board has rubber feet under it that will prevent slipping your microwave on the countertop.

The glass cutting board will save your countertop from our microwave heat, and protect your countertop from scratches and stains. They are also dishwashers and reusable for a long time.

#5. Bamboo Cutting Board

bamboo cutting board

A bamboo cutting is also a good heat-resistant material for conventional heat appliances. The thickness of the bamboo cutting board can easily stop the microwave heat to reach the countertop surface.

If you have an extra bamboo board, you put it under your microwave. They are flat and available in rectangular dimensions. So your microwave can easily fit inside the bamboo board. But they do not provide a non-slip surface for your microwave so be careful when you open and close your microwave door.

A bamboo cutting board will save your countertop from scratches, stains, cracks, and microwave heat. They are easy to clean and reusable for a long time.

#6. Noodle Stove Protector

noodle board stove cover for microwave

Noodle stove protectors are made of pine wood. The dimension of the stove protector is 29.5 Inches long x 22 Inches wide x 1 Inch thick. Your microwave will easily fit on this stove protector. The 1-inch thickness will prevent the heat to reach your countertop.

The noodle stove protector provides a flat and stable surface. Protect your countertop from scratches, heat, or any damage. They are easy to clean and reusable.

What can I use under my microwave to stop sliding?

If you have a granite, quartz, or stainless steel countertop then the upper surface is so slippery for using any appliance. When using a microwave it starts sliding every time while opening and closing the microwave door. There is always a chance of falling from the countertop to the floor. So to stop the microwave from sliding you should place your microwave on a stable countertop for the best safety.

You can use a silicone mat under the microwave to prevent sliding. The silicone mat shelf adhesive property sticks to the countertop surface and will keep your microwave in its place and protect it from sliding anywhere. You can also use a wooden cutting board they also prevent your microwave from sliding.

Some asked FAQ

1. How much clearance needs a microwave have for the best use?

Air fryer using infrared heat for cooking. While cooking the microwave can produce heat up to 500°F and the inner moist air comes out through the ventilator fan. If you block the vent area by placing it near the wall then the air will not release easily.

So you should put your microwave 20-25cm from the wall and microwave underneath, you should use silicone mats to prevent heat to reach the countertop surface.

2. Is it safe to use the microwave on a wood countertop?

Yes, you can use your microwave on your wooden countertop but putting a silicone mat or wooden, glass, or bamboo cutting board can provide more protection against heat. They also provide a non-slip surface for better protection.

3. Where to put the microwave in the kitchen?

You should always put your microwave on a stable countertop surface. You can also use a tabletop but that should be flat and stable. The quartz, granite, and stainless steel countertop surface are the best place to put the microwave.

You can also use a silicone mat or any heatproof thing to put under your microwave. These protectors can prevent damage to your countertop from heat. Silicone mats also provide a non-slide surface that prevents your microwave from sliding on the countertop.

4. Do microwaves get hot underneath?

Yes, while microwaving it produces heat up to 450°F. The microwave’s outer material is also steel which can conduct heat. So the underneath of the microwave gets heat and if you neglect then this heat may be a reason for countertop damage.


In the discussion of what to put under microwave, we try to give our best information through deep research. Kitchen countertop protection is a great deal with hot appliances. A small mistake can damage the whole beauty of your countertop. But putting some best heat protectors can protect our countertop from heat.

A silicone mat is a great heat insulator. They protect our countertop from heat as well as provide a non-slide surface, prevent scratches and they are easy to clean. Same as the wooden cutting board, tempted glass board, the bamboo board also provides heat resistivity and prevents any scratches, fatal heat damage, etc. All the things are affordable and easily available on the market.