What To Put Under Coffee Maker In 2022?

A cup of coffee in the morning will make your day fresh and amazing. But a messy coffee bar station will change your mood for the worst. Grounded coffee, spilled after, and coffee stains make your countertop full of mess.

You should also take care of your expensive coffee maker. So what to put under coffee maker to prevent these problems and protect both countertop and the coffee maker from damage? So in our deep research and reviews from kitchen experts, we shortlisted the 6 best things to put under coffee maker.

What To Put Under Coffee Maker

What to put under coffee maker?

You should use flat, heatproof, non-toxic, durable, convenient use, and easy-to-clean material put under coffee maker. You can use silicone mats, sliding trays, and coffee pod drawers under your coffee maker. They will protect your countertop from damage and make the cleaning process easy. So let’s check them out.

#1. Non-slip silicone mat for Coffee maker

gasare non slip silicone mat for coffee maker

The first and very effective thing to put under coffee maker is a non-slip silicone mat. The mats are made from high-quality silicone material which provides both flexibility and durability. The slim design makes it easy to store and lay flat without a wrinkle.

The rectangular shape design is compatible with any model of coffee maker to make a perfect coffee bar station. Where you can place your other coffee accessories for an easy coffee-making process.

The thickness of the silicone mat will protect your countertop from heat, scratches, grease, etc. The non-slip surface design grip any countertop surface which prevents your coffee maker from sliding on the countertop.

Cleaning the non-slip coffee maker mat is very easy. The non-stick surface makes it easy to remove coffee stains by wiping them with a cloth. You can also clean them by handwashing them with a mixture of soap and water.

#2. Sliding tray for coffee maker

Goldlion sliding tray for coffee maker

If you face too hard to clean the underneath area of your coffee maker then this product will be a solution. The sliding tray for coffee maker, this product provides both premium and functionality at a time.

By using its convenient lever you can easily slide your heavy coffee maker here and there on your countertop. It can be used under bulky appliances like air fryers, grills, blenders, etc. Using the sliding tray will give you a hassle-free experience in your modern kitchen.

The sliding tray has EVA foam on the upper side which protects your coffee maker from damage. And the downside has a non-slip surface made of silicone pads that will protect the coffee maker from sliding and also scratches.

There is enough gap between the cabinet and the countertop, this space prevents heat to reach the countertop. The sliding tray is stain-proof and easy to clean, so the coffee stain will no longer tension you.

#3. Mat with sliding function

mat with sliding function for coffee maker

Like a sliding tray, this sliding mat for coffee maker also does the same work for you. For an old person to lift up a heavy coffee maker for cleaning will be very hard and risky. So this mat will be a solution to put under coffee maker.

The mat has a lever on the corner side of it which make sliding very less effort. This mat will allow achieving that you can push or pull with one hand. You can easily slide your coffee maker from one corner to any area on your countertop.

This will make you an easy refill of grounded coffee powder and water in very less time with less effort. They are available in rectangular shape which is compatible with any coffee maker. You can also put the mat under an air fryer, blender, etc.

The rubber side sticks with any surface for proving an anti-slip countertop surface. It will protect your countertop from coffee maker heat, scratches, stains, grease, etc. The non-stick surface is very easy to clean.

A cloth will help you to wipe the upper side of it. You can also put the mat in the dishwasher or hand ash for easy cleaning.

#4. Decorative mat for coffee maker

decorative mat for coffee maker

If you are looking for the best thing to put under a coffee maker which provides both decoration and functionality then this will be your best choice. The decorative mat for coffee maker.

There are different types of designs available on the market. This decorative mat will enhance your kitchen decor and also protect your countertop from heat, scratch, and stain damage. The mat is made from microfiber which is an anti-water absorbent. So it will be drying quickly for use.

The mat is a little bit heat-resistant. It will protect your countertop from heat damage. The mat can be used as a multipurpose mat to put your hot pans, pots, bowls, knives, etc. The decorative mat is very easy to clean. Because microfiber allows for machine washing or hand washing.

#5. Coffee pod drawer

Coffee pod drawer with k cup storage

If you are living in a small apartment and you are a coffee lover. Then the coffee maker and accessories need to place smartly in an organized way. For you, a coffee pod drawer will be a great option to put under coffee maker. The coffee pod drawer not only protects your countertop but also makes a well-organizing coffee bar station.

The coffee pod drawer is made from alloy steel which is hard to break and long-lasting. This will easily fit on your small countertop but let your space for coffee pods. The sliding drawer has enough space to store your coffee pods for a week.

The coffee pod drawer will prevent heat to reach the countertop. The coffee pod has a silicone pad that protects your coffee maker from sliding on the countertop. The drawer is water p[roof and easy to clean in soap or detergent mixture.

#6. Thick rubber mat for coffee maker

thick rubber mat for coffee maker

There is nothing best than a thick rubber mat to put under coffee maker. The rubber mats are also best compatible with any coffee maker model. They are made of heavy rubber quality which provides the mat with long durability and flexibility.

The thick rubber mat provides a premium counter look which will bring an impression in front of your guests. The bar mat has a spill design that doesn’t let the water or coffee spread all over the countertop.

The thickness will prevent heat, scratches, spills, grease, or any damage to your countertop. It will protect your coffee maker from sliding around the countertop. The mat is easy to clean in a soap-water mixture. Easy to store while not in use.

Can you put a coffee maker on the granite countertop?

Yes, you can put your coffee maker on the granite countertop. Granite is a very hard, stable, and heatproof material. Your coffee maker will sit stable on the countertop. The heat generated by your coffee maker will not damage it. But using any protector will maintain the shiny elegant look for a long time.

Where should you put the coffee maker?

You should put your coffee maker on a stable countertop. You can use any extra protector like a silicone mat, sliding tray, or rubber mat for additional safety. The electric plug outlet should be accessible to your coffee maker.


To give additional safety to the coffee maker you should use any protector under the coffee maker. we have found the 6 best things to put under the coffee maker. Silicone non-slip mats, sliding mats, and decorative mats all are made of high-quality material. They provide a non-slip surface for the coffee maker and are easy to clean.

Where the sliding tray and coffee pod drawer allow the sliding of the heavy coffee maker anywhere on the countertop. So you can easily clean the underneath area and refill grounded coffee and water into it. We hope this what to put under coffee maker article will provide value addition to coffee maker safety.

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