How To Clean Silicone Mat? Here Are The 4 Best Methods

Silicone mats are one of the most useful kitchen accessories in every kitchen. Silicone mats are used in baking cakes, food preparations like vegetable cutting, dough making for pizza, pastry, etc. They can be used for countertop protection from heat, scratch, stains, grease, etc.

How To Clean Silicone Mat

But consistently using silicone mats they become dirty, greasy, dusty, and full of stains. Then how to clean silicone mat properly without wear and tear. But we all know using silicone mats for a long time tends to discoloration, wear and tear from every corner, unhygienic, and many more reasons to replace the silicone mat.

So when it is about to care for the silicone mat then what are the best methods of an effortless cleaning process to run our silicone mats for more than one to two years? Make them stain and grease-free in one wash. So our team finds the best 4 methods to clean silicone mats. Here we have described all the processes below.

How to clean silicone mat – Here are the 4 best methods to clean silicone mats

1. Put the silicone mat in the dishwasher

The simple and easiest way to clean your greasy and dirty silicone mat is by putting them into your dishwasher. Yes, silicone mats are dishwasher-safe and waterproof. So you don’t need to spend time and effort cleaning them.

Fold your silicone mat into a “U” shape and put on it the top level rack in the dishwasher with your other dirty dishes. Then run a normal cleaning circle in your dishwasher. After the cleaning, the period is over you will find your silicone mat clean and oil-free. If you find there any oil residue then you can follow our other methods.

2. Clean by hand using a mixture of soap and warm water

Another best method to clean your dirty and greasy silicone mat is by using your hand. Just need warm water and mild detergent. Take in a bowl and mix the detergent with warm water. Then lay flat your silicone mat and scrub the mat with a brush. After 10 minutes of cleaning rinse the mat under tape water thoroughly. Your mat will turn out clean and fresh.

silicone mat cleaning

3. Use lemon & baking soda mixture

Here is another best method to clean the silicone mat with lemon juice and baking soda mixture. The lemon has acetic acid and baking soda chlorine help to remove grease, and stains easily without any hassle. The lemon juice also provides a fresh smell after cleaning is over.

First, wet your silicone mat under the water then apply lemon juice and sprinkle baking soda over the mat. Then use a brush or by hand to concentrate the mixture into a paste. Then apply the concentrate mixture ner the stain and greasy area. Scrub properly until the stain and grease started to leave the silicone mat. Then put the mat under water and rinse properly. After cleaning is over use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the mat. Your mat will definitely turn clean.

4. Use a mix of vinegar and baking soda

Last and most effective way to clean your silicone mat using a concentrated mixture of baking soda and vinegar. If you do not have lemon at your home then you can use vinegar instead of lemon. Vinegar also has acetic acid but in a more concentrated form. Take a bowl and pour some vinegar and baking soda to make a thick mixture.

Then apply the mixture to the sticky stain and greasy area. Then scrub the mixture whole over the silicone mat but you should use gloves in your hand. After 6-10 minutes rinse the mat under water and clean thoroughly. Then use a damp towel to dry the mat and reuse it in our work.

Benefits of using silicone mats

Silicone mats becoming the most essential kitchen accessories. Using them in the kitchen has a lot of advantages. Silicone mats can be used under hot appliances to protect the countertop from heat damage, scratches, grease, and stain. They can be used as a pot holder, dining mat, pet feeding mat, craft mat, etc. Because of non-stick, they can be used in the baking process.

Are silicone mats dishwasher safe?

Yes, silicone mats are dishwasher-safe and waterproof. Just roll the silicone mat into a ‘U’ shape and put it on the top with your other dirty dishes. For cleaning silicone mats always use mild detergent they are best for silicone material. Hard bleach detergent tends to discoloration and wear and tear and reduce the life span of your silicone mat.

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