Top 7 Best Microfiber Dish Drying Mat Available In 2022

Everyone likes their kitchen countertop to be clean, dry, and wet-free. But in the cleaning process, every time excess water drips from the pots, pans, and glassware. If you do not drain or wipe the water it will make your kitchen countertop very unhygienic.

So for that problem, a dish drying mat has a very significant role. There are two types of dish drying mats available on the market. Silicone dish drying mat and microfiber dish drying mat.

Best Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

But microfiber dish mat has advantages over silicone dish drying mat. The microfiber dish drying mats are thin and easy to fold. You can easily store them by folding them in your cabinet, drawer, and closet.

The microfiber material is waterproof and absorbs 3 to 4 times of water of its weight. The microfiber dish mat evaporates moisture as soon as quickly and resists odor smell. The crafted design will enhance your kitchen countertop beauty. They are easy to clean in machine wash and reusable for a long time.

So we have shortlisted the 7 best microfiber dish drying mats available on the market. The mats have a beautifully crafted design with a heavy amount of water absorption functionality. They will protect your expensive glassware, pots, and pans.

Here are the 7 best microfiber dish drying mat

#1. S&T Best Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

From the list of best microfiber dish drying mats, our first-picked product is the S&T dish drying mat. Now your kitchen countertop will be dry and clean thanks to its absorbent microfiber material. The mat absorbs 4 times of water of its weight and the cushioning protects your glassware safe.

After cleaning your dishes, pans and pots you can put them directly on the mat to absorb the extra water. You can also set the mat under the dish rack to catch the dripping water. The mat absorbs all the extra water and radiates quickly as soon as possible.

The mat has both sides of the microfiber surface which can be reversible. You will get two microfiber surfaces for convenient and optimal use. The mat provides a hygienic surface for the kitchen countertop. You can also put the mat under small appliances like a coffee maker, or blender which will protect the countertop from scratches and scuffs.

The mat is machine washable. After kitchen work is done you can put the mat in the washer with mild detergent for best cleaning. After cleaning dry the mat properly and reuse it again and again. The mat is easily foldable and stored in any cabinet, drawer, or closet.

  • Made of high-quality microfiber absorbent material
  • Absorb 4 times of its weight
  • Odor-free
  • Reversible surface
  • Cushioning protects your glassware
  • Protect from scratches, and scuffs
  • Easily cleanable
  • After several washes, the mat starts to shrink

#2. Bellemain XXL Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Bellemain XXL Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Our second-picked microfiber dish drying mat is crafted by Belleemain manufacturer. The mat has a large dimension of 24″ x 17″ inches. It can hold your recently washed dishes at a time, you can put big pots and other small dishes. Thanks to its 40% extra space which is larger than a regular dish drying mat.

The outer microfiber material and honeycomb design absorbs 4 times of moisture and dries quickly. The inner laminate foam resists odor even if you use the mat daily. You will get the mat in 6 colors navy blue, gray, green, ivory, etc. So it allows choosing the right color mat according to your kitchen decor.

The cushion effect protects your antique glassware set and pot pans safe and sound. It prevents unwanted odor smell and provides a clean and dry surface for kitchen work. It will protect the countertop from scratch and scuffs.

The mat allows machine washing just toss the mat in the washing machine and put some detergent for deep cleaning. The mat is reusable for a long time if you properly use it with care. The strong tag helps to hang to dry quickly. You can fold the at for easy storage in a cabinet or drawer.

  • Large dimension to hold more dishes
  • 3 layer microfiber with laminate foam to reists odor
  • Honeycomb design for easy absorption and drying
  • Protect glassware
  • Prevent scratches and scuffs
  • Easy to clean and store
  • No reversible surface

#3. Drymate Premium Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Drymate Premium Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

The Drymate dish drying mat will be best for those who are searching for a large-dimension dish drying mate. The dimension of the mat is 19 x 24 inches and the thickness is about 0.13 inches. This low-profile design will give stability while cleaning your expensive stemware.

The mat is available in 10 attractive printed designs which will enhance your kitchen interior decor. The polyester fabric material absorbs quickly all the excess drip water of pots and evaporates rapidly.

The inner core fabric socks all the moisture and stops it to reach the surface. The mat also has an anti-slip surface which prevents unwanted slippage. You can cut the mat into any required shape. The mat is best to put under the dish rack to soak the excess drip water.

The mat will also protect your countertop from scratches and scuffs. You can also put the mat under small appliances like a coffee maker, air fryer, blender, etc. When it is to clean the mat it is very easy. The mat is compatible with machine washing. Just use some detergent and put the mat in the machine.

  • XL dimension covers a large area
  • High-quality microfiber material
  • Absorb and evaporates water quickly
  • Available in 10 trendy printed design
  • Easy to clean
  • The mat is thin compared to regular microfiber mat

#4. Envision Home Reversible Dish Drying Mat

Envision Home Reversible Dish Drying Mat

Our fourth-picked microfiber dish drying mat is the Envision home reversible dish drying mat. Like Drymate mat, this mat has also a large dimension of 18 x 32 inches but the thickness is more than the drymate. Its 0.25 inches and polyester microfiber material absorbs 4 times of water of its weight.

The large dimension holds pots and pans for drying. The cushions of the mat are best compatible with drying your glassware. It will protect the glassware safe and sound. The inner material radiates the excess water as soon as possible and provides a dry and clean countertop surface for work.

The mat has a reversible surface for convenient work. You will get two side surfaces if one side is wet then you can use another side for drying your dishes. There are two size variants of the mat available XL and Jumbo. The creamy color looks premium but the stain looks clear after some use.

The used polyester material is very highly durable and allows machine wash. You can easily clean the mat by putting it into your washing machine.

  • Large dimension to hold extra pots
  • Made of highly durable polyester
  • Absorb 4 times of water of its weight
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Reversible surface
  • Easy to clean
  • The creamy color will be full of stains after some uses

#5. Microfiber dish drying mat with rack

Microfiber dish drying mat with rack

This one is my favorite dish drying mat. The Umbra dish drying mat comes with a plastic rack to stack your dishes easily for air drying. The denim color microfiber dish mat looks amazing which will give your kitchen a premium look.

The high-quality microfiber material absorbs water quickly and evaporates them. The inner foam resists odor smell and prevents the build-up of water on your countertop. You don’t need an extra rack for dish drying. The plastic rack allows you to store your glassware, plates, and pans with no worry.

The mat will protect your countertop from scratches, scuffs, and excess water. It also prevents the build-up of bacteria on your countertop. You will get a clean and hygienic countertop for easy kitchen work. The mat is also easy to clean, the rack is removable while cleaning.

  • Large dimension
  • Plastic rack for stack dishes
  • Made of high-quality microfiber
  • Absorb and evaporates excess water quickly
  • Resit odor smell
  • Easy to clean
  • Never stack heavy glasses otherwise they will be broken by falling from it

#6. Sinland Microfiber dish drying mat

Sinland Microfiber dish drying mat

Our sixth-picked microfiber dish drying mat is the Sinland dish drying mat. Only one mat comes in the pack and the dimension of the mat is 18inchx24inch. That is large enough to hold your extra post and pans than a regular dish drying mat. The mat is available in 10 different colors.

The used microfiber material is highly durable and the inner absorbent is a super water absorber. A thin layer of foam provides cushioning to your expensive glassware, silverware, plates, pans, etc. The microfiber absorbs 3-4 times of water of its weight and evaporates rapidly.

Not only the dish drying mat will protect your utensils but also protect your countertop from scratches, scuffs, etc. You can also put it under small appliances like a blender, coffee maker, etc. The mat is washable by a machine or hand. You just need liquid detergent to deep clean the mat. After cleaning dry the mat and reuse it.

  • Large dimension to hold extra utensils
  • Available in diffrent colors
  • High-quality microfiber material
  • Super water absorber
  • Evaporates moisture quickly
  • Protect countertop from scratches
  • Easy to clean
  • The mat is so thin but it can hold excess water

#7. Microfiber dish drying mat with texture design

Microfiber dish drying mat with texture design

If you are looking for more than a microfiber dish drying mat then this picked product will be a unique one. The textured design dish drying mat will look amazing on your kitchen countertop. The mat will provide both stylish and functionality at a time.

The dimension of the mat is 16×18 inches which is suitable for any standard kitchen. The microfiber used is highly durable. The two-sided surface has eco absorbent polyester which is a good water absorber and the middle layer is a thick sponge that will also absorb water and provide cushioning.

The materials we use for this drying mat are premium and durable and the vibrant pattern on the mat is very bright. Most importantly, it’s colorfast and never stains your countertop.

The mat is reversible on both sides, you can use the two surfaces one after wet. There are many different textured designs are available for the mat, so you can choose the right one for your kitchen countertop. The mat is easy to clean in the machine and reusable.

  • Amazing textured design
  • Standard size for any countertop
  • Eco microfiber polyester
  • Super water absorber
  • Cushioning to your expensive ware
  • Support tumble dry
  • Small size to put big pots or extra accessories

How to choose the right microfiber dish drying mat for your kitchen?

1. Material

The microfiber material should be high quality. But the quality of the mat depends on the brand and used material. The microfiber dish drying mat comes with multiple layers of polyester microfiber and has a thin foam for cushioning.

There are different colors and textured microfiber mats available on the market. So you can choose the right one for your kitchen. The biggest benefit of using microfiber is that all the excess water absorbs by the mat evaporates quickly and resists a hygienic and odorless environment in the kitchen.

2. Size

The size of the dish drying mat depends on your requirement. For to hold extra utensils you need a large dimension mat. So you should measure your countertop before buying the dish drying mat and then check the dimension of the mat. You can also cut them to the required shape and size.

3. Water absorption and evaporation

The microfiber material should absorb water more than its weight. The should have a water absorber material like eco polyester. This is a good quality super water absorber. It will hold excess drip water from your dish rack. The evaporation should be quickly as soon as possible. So the mat can stop the build-up of bacteria on your countertop.

4. Easy to clean

The microfiber dish drying mat should be compatible with machine washes. So you can enjoy the time with your family without any worry. We picked all the microfiber dish drying mats that allow machine washes by using a small amount of detergent.

Some asked FAQ

1. How do you clean the dish drying mat?

All the microfiber dish drying mats are compatible with machine wash or air drying. You can put the mat along with other laundry but you should use natural detergent for cleaning. Remember never to bleach the mat otherwise, your mat may face a color fade problem.

2. Are microfiber dish drying mat heat resistant?

Microfiber dish mats are not 100% heatproof. They are made of polyester materials which are not good against heat. But you can use them to put hot pots over it.

3. How often do I wash my dish drying mat?

You should clean your dish drying mat at night daily after your dish cleaning. If you clean your mat daily it will clean and never be smelly. And also bacteria build-up will be prevented.


Microfiber dish drying mats are soft, colorful, and have high water absorbers. They provide both functionality and stylish to your kitchen. The microfiber mat absorbs 3-4 times of water of its weight and provides a dry and clean countertop surface.

The mat evaporates moisture on its own you don’t need to dry it under the sun. It prevents water build-up and bacterial infection. They protect your expensive glassware, silverware, pots, pans, etc, and also protect countertops from scratches, scuffs, etc.

The S&T, Bellemein and evesion microfiber dish drying mats are the best on our list. They are made of high-quality microfiber material with a thin layer of foam. They are super water absorbers and prevent the build-up of water. You can also easily clean them in the machine.

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